Next Generation Sequencing

Our expertise comes from more than 4,000 genetic modifications of many cell types, and we use this core capability in conjunction with the latest NGS technology to provide you with innovative RNA sequencing scientific solutions.

Our NGS services include every step from the initial consultation with RNA experts, RNA isolation, RNA QC, library preparation and QC, sequencing, and QC, data analysis and reporting.

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RNA qPCR Array

qPCR array technology combines the high sensitivity and high specificity of real-time PCR technology and microarray technology to simultaneously detect the advantages of multiple genes.

IntegrateRNA offers you comprehensive RNA qPCR array service, including sample quality checks, real-time PCR, and bioinformatics analysis and final report. We also provide all raw data, normalized data and final output as an Excel file.

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RNA Microarray

With our expert extensive experience in RNA microarray analysis from a variety of cell types, we are able to offer expression profiling analysis across the entire transcriptome for basic research, clinical and translational research, pharmacology, and agricultural applications.

Under the strict quality control of the whole process, we guarantee the reliability of data quality.

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RNA Interference

At IntegrateRNA labs, our scientists use advanced biotechnology to develop new RNAi products and RNAi services. We are committed to providing the highest quality RNAi services for scientific research at the lowest price, including siRNA/miRNA/shRNA synthesis, vector construction/viral packaging/functional in vitro validation, tissue targeted delivery, High throughput screening based on RNAi libraries.

Under the strict quality control of the whole process, we guarantee the reliability of data quality.

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We provide the best service and solutions

IntegrateRNA provides you with reliable, professional RNA-related services and products. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers at a reasonable price and providing high-quality products and services. To date, we have successfully completed many different types of RNA discovery, synthesis, functional study and bioinformatics analysis including circRNAs, lncRNAs, mRNA, tRNA, rRNA and various small RNAs.