Custom shRNA Adenovirus and AAV Services



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Custom shRNA Adenovirus and AAV Services

Adenovirus/Adeno-associated Virus (AVV) delivery of shRNA

In many studies, viral vectors have become the preferred method of delivery. Adenovirus is by far the most effective gene delivery vector, with nearly 100% efficiency against both dividing and non-dividing mammalian cells. Therefore, more efficient gene silencing can be achieved with adenovirus or AAV systems compared to other methods (direct transfection of siRNA/plasmid, retrovirus, and lentiviral systems).

IntegrateRNA offers customized shRNA adenovirus/AVV services that can transform the unmatched efficiency of adenoviruses into effective gene silencing for all mammalian cells in vitro or in vivo applications. Based on our platform, IntegrateRNA can provide the largest shRNA adenovirus/AVV production and has greater flexibility to meet customer needs. Ready-to-use deliverables are suitable for in vitro and in vivo applications.

Project strategy

The DNA encoding the validated shRNA molecule will be inserted into the adenovirus/AAV genome, where the expression of the shRNA is controlled by the U6, H1 or CMV promoter (optionally co-express GFP, RFP or mCherry for easy monitoring of infection). The resulting shRNA is then quickly converted into the desired RNAi molecule.

Custom shRNA Adenovirus and AAV Services

Our custom shRNA adenovirus and AAV Services include, but not limited to

Services Adenovirus purity
shRNA adenovirus/AVV production full service, medium scaleIn Vitro grade
shRNA adenovirus/AVV production full Service, large scaleIn Vivo grade
shRNA adenovirus/AVV production full Service, pilot scaleIn Vitro grade
shRNA amplification medium scaleIn Vitro grade
shRNA adenovirus/AVV amplification large scaleIn Vivo grade
shRNA validation service, cell basedN/A

Our features and advantages

  • Provides multiple selection markers, and can choose constitutive or inducible promoters
  • Outstanding gene delivery efficiency in most cell types, including dividing and non-dividing or primary cells.
  • Long-lasting transgene expression effectively induces target gene silencing
  • Provides multiple serotypes of AVV virus (AAV-1, AAV-2, AAV-3, AAV-4, AAV-5, AAV-6, AAV-8, AAV-9, AAV-DJ/8, and AAV-DJ ).
  • Control virus: vector only or scrambled shRNA.

Different AVV types are suitable for different tissues/cells

AAV serotype Tissue specificity
CNS Heart Lung Liver Skeletal muscle

IntegrateRNA has many years of working experience in shRNA. Tell us your requirements and we can produce shRNA adenoviruses or AAVs for any gene target of any species you want to knock out. We guarantee high-quality products and services and protect your scientific investment. There is no doubt that IntegrateRNA will be the best partner during your research.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.
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