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Whole Transcriptome Sequencing Service

As a professional sequencing provider, IntegrateRNA has comprehensively evaluated existing technologies, optimized processing conditions, and provided high-quality solutions for whole transcriptome sequencing. We provide a full range of services starting with RNA isolation from various starting materials, expert library preparation, sequencing on Illumina or PacBio platforms, professional bioinformatics analysis and a final and comprehensive data analysis report. Our unique combination of long and short reads, single and paired-end sequencing, strand specificity, and capacity for tens of millions to billions of reads per run allow us to sequence your samples in diverse ways.

Whole transcriptome sequencing (WTS) is used to reveal the complete picture of mRNA, lncRNA, circRNA, and microRNA (miRNA) in biological samples under specific conditions. WTS can characterize all RNA transcripts in a given organism and explore complex post-transcriptional regulation mechanism. Whole transcriptome analysis is becoming increasingly important in understanding how changes in the expression of genetic variants lead to complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The genome-wide differentially expressed RNA revealed by whole transcriptome sequencing provides a better research direction for researchers to understand biological pathways and molecular mechanisms, regulate cell fate, development and disease progression.

Workflow of Whole Transcriptome Sequencing

Whole Transcriptome Sequencing Service

  • RNA Extraction

We offer a one-stop WTS service that includes high-quality RNA isolation service from a wide range of cell and tissue types. We also accept the RNA samples you provide (Total RNA ≥2 μg, 260/280 >1.8, 260/230 >1.0).

  • RNA QC

Our experts will use the high-quality instruments to determine the integrity and quantity of each RNA sample and assess possible contamination for each sample. You will receive a report with the results of these analyses before the library is prepared.

  • Library Preparation

For the entire transcriptome sequencing, we performed ribosomal RNA consumption (by using a biotin-streptomycin avidin-based system) to enrich the entire transcriptome. The steps for library preparation include:

➢ rRNA deletion from total RNA
➢ RNA fragmentation
➢ Reverse transcription - 1 chain synthesis
➢ Second chain synthesis
➢ Ligation of adapter
➢ Amplification


➢ 100bp and 150bp paired-end sequencing options available
➢ ≥30 Million reads per sample recommended
➢ Guaranteed ≥80% of bases with quality score of ≥Q30

  • Data Analysis

Based on the sequencing results, we provide you with comprehensive data analysis including statistical analysis:

➢ Quantitative expression profiling
➢ Gene expression profiling
➢ Differentially expressed genes (DEGs)
➢ Gene annotation/gene set analysis
➢ Comparative analysis
➢ Mapping statistics
➢ SNP and InDel calling by mapping to the reference genome
➢ Fusion gene, custom analysis
➢ Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment analysis


  • Biomarker discovery
  • Drug development
  • Evolutionary study
  • Resistance and adaptability study

IntegrateRNA is a biotechnology company dedicated to providing professional full-transcriptional sequencing analysis services. Based on our platform and a team of scientists from world-class universities, we can help you quickly analyze gene expression and delve into the entire transcriptome, such as new gene discovery, identification of new SNPs and InDels, detection of new splice variants, and chromosome rearrangement discovery. We guarantee faster turnaround times, lower prices and more comprehensive data analysis.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.
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