RNAi-mediated circRNA Knockdown Service



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RNAi-mediated circRNA Knockdown Service

Specializing in RNA biology for years, IntegrateRNA proudly offers circRNA knockdown service using siRNA/shRNA-mediated method. Our complete service covers from siRNA design & synthesis, shRNA design & construction, virus packaging (optional), cell transfection, expression test of circRNA and host gene (parental protein-coding gene), to stable cell line screening. Our dedicated scientific team will work collaboratively with you to design the right tools to accelerate your research programs.

Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are highly abundant and evolutionarily conserved RNAs generated mostly from exons of protein-coding genes. It's reported that circRNA can participate in the regulation of cell growth and development, as well as the occurrence and development of diseases through a variety of mechanisms. But assay the functions of circRNAs is not straightforward as common approaches for circRNA depletion tend to also alter the levels of mRNAs generated from the hosting gene. IntegrateRNA utilizes shRNA/siRNA targeting circRNA-specific back-splice junction to specifically downregulation the circRNA in vivo with low off-target effects.

  • siRNA-mediated circRNA knockdown

siRNAs have to be complement to the back-splice site in order to be circRNA specific without affecting the host gene expression (Figure1). Thus, siRNA-mediated knockdown is limited to the backsplice junction, and negative effects on the parental protein-coding gene expression should always be tested for and ruled out.

The design of siRNA at back-splice junction sequencesFigure1. The design of siRNA at back-splice junction sequences.

  • shRNA-mediated circRNA knockdown

Scheme of the shRNA strategy to knockdown circRNAs in vivoFigure2. Scheme of the shRNA strategy to knockdown circRNAs in vivo.

Workflow of circRNA Knockdown

  • siRNA design & synthesis, shRNA design & construction
  • Virus Packaging
  • Cell transfection
  • Expression test of circRNA and host gene
  • Stable cell line screening


  • Guaranteed circRNA knockdown
  • Lower off-target effects and lower cell toxicity
  • Affordable genome-scale RNAi screening tool
  • Active in vivo and in vitro, enabling the analysis RNA function in a wide range of model systems

IntegrateRNA has innovative research designs, the best facilities, and strong regulatory intelligence, all of which will help our customers achieve the desired results in a time that reduces costs and yields. Based on a team of experts and a professional platform, we are confident to provide our customers with high-quality and efficient services related to circRNA expression regulation. Contact us for further support in RNA research.


  1. Li, Z., et al. (2015). Exon-intron circular rnas regulate transcription in the nucleus. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 22(3), 256-264.
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