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Functional circRNA Screening Service

Focus on RNA biology research for many years, IntegrateRNA has successfully developed a high-throughput shRNA library targeting 1485 circRNAs and 1050 host gene. Our shRNA-based circRNA library covers a wide range of cancer-associated circRNAs, including primary tumors, metastases, and very rare cancer types. We provide one-stop circRNA screening service ranges from shRNA design, molecular construction, lentiviral production, cell transfection to high-throughput screening. Our innovative and superior service will accelerate your functional circRNA screening project.

High-throughput sequencing technologies and bioinformatics approaches have revealed that circRNAs are endogenous, abundant, conserved across species, and widespread in eukaryotic transcriptomes. Emerging evidence suggests that circRNAs play important roles in diverse biological processes, including acting as competing endogenous RNAs (ceRNAs) or microRNA (miRNA) sponges, regulating alternative RNA splicing or transcription, and potentially enhancing host gene transcription. However, most circRNA functions remain poorly understand due to such as RNAi and genome engineering, in distinguishing overlapped exons in circRNAs from those in linear cognate mRNAs. Thus, it’s necessary to develop a high-throughput method to screen and analysis functional circRNA.

Workflow of circRNA screeningFigure 1. Workflow of circRNA screening


  • Extensive coverage: average of 5 clones targeting each circRNA and its host gene
  • Quality: proprietary methodology ensures uniformity and complete library coverage
  • Universal: simplified RNAi screening in standard or difficult-to-expand cell lines
  • Cost effective and fast turnaround time


  • Disease-associated circRNAs screening: tumor development/metastases, virus infection, cell cycle
  • Pharmaceutical screening: drug susceptibility/resistance, pharmacological action
  • Toxicological-associated circRNA screening
  • Molecular cell biology-associated circRNA screening: gene expression regulation, signal pathway, proliferation, autophagy
  • Regenerative medicine-associated circRNA screening
  • Development-associated circRNA screening

With many years of experience in RNA research, IntegrateRNA has established a high-throughput shRNA library targeting 1485 human circRNAs, to help you identify and screen functional circRNA in human disease pathways. Each project is fully customized to meet your scientific needs, and our experienced team can provide flexible solutions for any individual request. For further information, please feel free to contact us.


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