tRF & tiRNA qPCR Array Service



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tRF & tiRNA qPCR Array Service

IntegrateRNA is a leading biotechnology company specializing in RNA biological research. To facilitate your study, we offer human/mouse tiRNA & tRF qPCR array service to profiles tiRNAs and tRFs selected from the tRFdb and MINTbase database. In order to getting a reliable and accurate detection of tiRNA & tRF expression, IntegrateRNA utilizes a unique pair of junction primers to distinguish tiRNA & tRF from its precursor and other small RNAs. Our high-quality data and experimental cycle efficiency has been well received by customers.

As a novel non-coding small RNA derived from tRNA, tiRNA & tRF are involved in the exercise of various biological functions. For example, tiRNA & tRF act as signaling molecules of stress-activated pathway, and as guide RNAs in RNA interference. Moreover, tiRNA & tRF are associated with the occurrence of a variety of human diseases, such as cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, hereditary metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases. This makes them potential biomarkers for diseases diagnosis.

Strategy of tiRNA & tRF qPCR ArrayFigure 1. Strategy of tiRNA & tRF qPCR Array

Workflow of tRF & tiRNA qPCR Array Service

  • RNA extraction and quality testing — Routine RNA extraction for RNA concentration, purity, and integrity
  • Double-end linker and cDNA synthesis
  • Real-time PCR amplification
  • Melting curve analysis and raw data export
  • Delivery
    ➢ Service report (including RNA sample QC, qPCR data QC and detailed experimental data analysis steps)
    ➢ EXCEL results summary (including tRF & tiRNA list, data analysis results and various charts)
    ➢ Raw Data file (including raw data, amplification curve, and melting curve)


  • The tRF and tiRNA qPCR array methods are optimized for performance through a rigorous quality control process.
  • Collect tRF and tiRNA comprehensively from all databases.
  • Provide comprehensive tRF and tiRNA bioinformatics and statistical analysis, focusing on the detection of the most biologically potential tRF & tiRNA.
  • Provide data visualization with publication-quality graphics.
  • Accurate detection - All primers are carefully designed, optimized and validated.
  • One-stop service - Customers only need to provide cells, tissues, body fluids or total RNA. IntegrateRNA completes the entire service process from sample preparation, cDNA preparation, qPCR to data analysis.

IntegrateRNA offers a comprehensive range of services along the entire research chain of various types of RNA discovery, analysis, and related bioinformatics. With a consultative, flexible, integrated and multi-disciplinary approach, we offer the advice, answers, and services to promote the development of your project. For further information, don't hesitate to contact us at or 1-631-626-9181.

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