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circRNA Microarray Service

IntegrateRNA provides a comprehensive circRNA microarray profiling service based on the latest microarray technology and most powerful platforms. Our one-stop solution ranges from RNA QC, amplification, sample labeling, array hybridization, image data processing to in-depth data analysis. IntegrateRNA has standard microarrays for all circRNAs of human, mouse and rat available in the circBase database. We are confident to ensure your satisfaction in a professional manner.

Circular RNA (circRNA) is a novel type of RNA that, unlike linear RNA, forms a covalently closed continuous loop. Most of these circRNAs are conserved across species, and often show tissue or developmental-stage-specific expression. Moreover, circRNAs have been shown to function as natural miRNA and protein sponges. These suggest that circRNA is a novel class of biomarkers and play a crucial role in disease regulation. Microarray is the best tool for circRNAs expression profiling, overcoming the low detection efficiency of RNA-seq, especially suitable for the assay of exosome, plasma samples.

Workflow of Our Service

  • Total RNA isolation
  • RNA quality control
  • Linear RNA and rRNA removal (RNase R treatment)
  • Labeling, hybridization, washing, and scanning
  • Data extraction, analysis and summarization


Table1. circRNA expression microarrays

MicroarrayFormatsDetected circRNAsDatabase
Human circRNA Array-V2.08*15K13,617circBase
Mouse circRNA Array-2.08*15K14,236circBase
Rat circRNA Array-2.08*15K14,145circBase
Human circRNA Microarray-V2.0*4*180K17,0340circBase
Mouse circRNA Microarray-V2.0*4*180K30,536circBase

Table 2. ceRNA (competing endogenous RNA) expression microarrays

Human ceRNA Array-V3.04*180K88,75068,42318,853
Mouse ceRNA Array-V3.04*180K37,85265,37547,078
Rat ceRNA Array-V3.08*60K7,09323,10121,919

Bioinformatics Analysis

  • Raw data analysis: data normalization, box plot, hclust, principal component analysis.
  • Differential expression circRNAs screening: scatter plot, volcano plot, heatmap.
  • Host mRNA functional analysis: GO/KEGG pathway enrichment analysis.
  • circRNA-miRNA interaction network analysis.
  • Further customization of bioinformatics analysis to suit your unique project.

Our Benefits

  • Excellent sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Head-to-tail junction specific probes
  • Efficient circRNA labeling
  • Accurate and reliable circRNA expression profiling
  • In depth data analysis

IntegrateRNA develops a practical platform for highly sensitive and specific circRNA analysis for biological and medical research, providing complete circRNA array analysis services from RNA sample preparation to data analysis. Our experienced scientists have intimate knowledge of the circRNA microarray platform and are experts in the analysis and interpretation of circRNA profiling data. Our step-by-step quality controls are designed to ensure you get the most reliable results. Just send us your total RNA, blood, plasma, serum, cell line, FFPE or fresh frozen tissues samples, and we'll do the rest.

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