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miRNA FISH Service

IntegrateRNA provides you with a full range of miRNA fluorescence in situ hybridization (miRNA FISH) services. We utilize fluorescent pre-labeled short oligonucleotides (about 20 nucleotides in length) to detect miRNAs that specifically bind to the probe. Our FISH service is safe, fast, high sensitivity, and can display multiple colors at the same time.

MicroRNA (miRNA) is an excellent tumor biomarker due to its cell-type specificity and abundance. The analysis of spatiotemporal expression of miRNAs is important for dissecting their roles in development and during physiological/pathophysiological processes. However, many miRNA detection methods (such as real-time PCR) do not reflect valuable spatial location information in cell or tissue samples. FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) is a visualization method that allows simultaneous detection, localization, and quantification of individual miRNA molecules at the cellular level.

Under the condition that the cell or tissue structure remains unchanged, the labeled known RNA nucleotide fragments are combined (hybridized) with the corresponding gene fragments in the cell or tissue to be tested according to the base pairing principle in nucleic acid hybridization. The resulting hybrids are subjected to a color reaction to observe the corresponding RNA molecules in the cells under a light microscope or an electron microscope.

miRNA FISH ServiceFigure1. Principle of microRNA in situ hybridization

IntegrateRNA uses a set of fluorescent pre-labeled probe group (up to 40 independent probes). By combining the probe set with the same miRNA target, a strong fluorescent signal that does not require unreacted signal amplification can be generated, showing a spot-like spot of a single miRNA molecule. The off-target fluorescence generated by a single probe is far below the threshold used to detect specific targets, so it can minimize the effect of false-positive results and ensure the authenticity of the results.

Workflow of miRNA FISH Service

  • Sample Preparation

➢ Tissue pretreatment - Samples from frozen sections, paraffin sections, and cell slides are taken, fixed, and sectioned

➢ Dewaxing - Paraffin sections are dewaxed in ethanol and formaldehyde

  • Target hybridization
  • Post-hybridization
  • Signal amplification
  • Detection

Customer offers

  • Fresh or fixed tissue sample
  • Fresh or fixed cell sample
  • Paraffin section, frozen section or cell smear
  • miRNA information


  • Final report with digital images and stained slides

IntegrateRNA is a specialist provider of miRNA FISH services for miRNA functional discovery. Our staff and experts strictly observe the high-quality standards used in RNA studies to meet your needs. Based on the professional, high-efficiency and experienced services, IntegrateRNA gains customers' consistent trust and support. There's no doubt, IntegrateRNA is the best partner.


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