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LncRNA Microarray Service

To integrate rapid scientific advances and new data to facilitate the study of lncRNA, IntegrateRNA has developed an lncRNA microarray service for human, mouse and rat to provide the latest, more comprehensive and reliable assays for lncRNA in samples for use in bioscience. We offer a complete lncRNA array analysis service from RNA sample preparation to data analysis. Our step-by-step quality control is designed to ensure you get the most reliable results.

LncRNA is a class of RNA of more than 200 nt in length which does not encode a protein. LncRNA is involved in a wide range of important cellular processes and plays a key role in human diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurological diseases. Microarray is one of the best tools for analyzing lncRNAs overcoming many of the limitation of low-abundance lncRNAs RNA-seq.

Workflow of LncRNA Microarray Service

LncRNA Microarray Service


Table1. LncRNA expression microarrays

Human LncRNA Array V44*180K40,91634,250GENCODE, LncRNAdb v2.0, RefSeq
Mouse LncRNA Array V14*180K58,80939,027GENCODE, RefSeq, KnownGene
Rat LncRNA Array V18*60K22,02030,254Ensembl, RefSeq

Features and Benefits

  • The most sensitive and optimal technique for lncRNA analysis, superior to RNA-seq.
  • Select a comprehensive and powerful full-length lncRNA collection from all major up-to-date databases and landmark publications.
  • Systematic lncRNA annotation and analysis combines advances in lncRNA research, including genomic background, epigenome, integrity and subcellular localization.


  • Sample QC report
  • Microarray QC report
  • Data analysis of lncRNA
  • LncRNA classification and subgroup analysis, annotated with gold standard lncRNA and reliable lncRNA compilations

IntegrateRNA, a biotechnology company with experienced scientists and advanced technology, has established a comprehensive and professional lncRNA microarray platform. It is a practical long-term non-coding RNA analysis platform with high sensitivity and specificity for medical research. We can help you get with comprehensive lncRNA bioinformatics data and publication-quality graphics in one go, through rigorous quality control and advanced bioinformatics analysis. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.
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