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mRNA Sequencing Service

IntegrateRNA provides you with mRNA sequencing services using state-of-the-art Illumina platforms, with superior data quality and accurate sequence assembly. Our comprehensive solution including sample preparation/QC, library construction, deep sequencing, raw data quality control, and bioinformatics analysis. Our experienced bioinformaticians work closely with customers to provide standard and customized data analysis and publication ready results, for any species of interest.

mRNA is a large family of the intracellular RNA molecules that convey genetic information from DNA to the ribosome. They are specific at the amino acid level of the protein products of gene expression. Analyzing mRNA transcriptome has rapidly become the method of choice for analyzing the transcriptomes of disease states, of biological processes, and across a wide range of study designs. It is both a highly sensitive and accurate method for quantifying gene expression. Since mRNA accounts for only 1-4% of the entire transcriptome, we enriched the transcript by the poly(A) tail of the mRNA when preparing the library to increase the depth of sequencing of the encoded mRNA and sensitivity to the low-level expression of mRNA.

Workflow of mRNA-seq

mRNA Sequencing Service

Sample Preparation

We provide you with RNA extraction services that separate RNA from samples for sequencing. We perform high-quality RNA isolation from a range of samples including cells, tissues, FFPE sections, blood, plasma, and exosome.

QC Standards

  • Sequencing quality standard – Q30 > 80 %
  • Standard of library preparation is the same as for diagnostic samples

Bioinformatics Analysis

  • Mapping: alignment of sequences with appropriate reference genomes.
  • Prediction and quantification of novel transcripts.
  • Testing major changes in the use of promoters.
  • Identification of splice junctions with a list of exon positions associated with each transcript.
  • Identification of alternative splicing and splicing variants with a list of exons associated with each isoform.
  • Differential gene expression analysis to identify differential expression of known and new genes and transcripts in your samples (Statistical analysis is available if there is a sufficient number of samples in each group).
  • Unsupervised analysis: principal component analysis (PCA map) and heat map.
  • Supervised analysis: For each specific group comparison, we generated a volcano map to show differentially expressed genes between the groups, and listed differentially expressed genes as well as signals with statistical significance.
  • Gene Ontology (GO) Enrichment Analysis: A GO term that identifies overexpressed genes in differentially expressed genes. This will demonstrate the impact of the experiment on biological pathways and processes.

IntegrateRNA provides researchers with accurate and complete transcriptome information that not only recognizes new transcripts, alternative splicing, and gene fusion events but also quantifies gene expression and differential gene expression analysis between different sample groups. We can tailor mRNA data analysis pipeline to your research interest. If you have additional requirements or questions, please feel free to contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.
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