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What is shRNA?

shRNA (short hairpin RNA) is an artificial RNA with tight hairpin turns synthesized in the cell by DNA vector mediated by RNA pol III or a modified pol II promoter. Different form siRNA, shRNA is synthesized in the nucleus, further processed and transported to the cytoplasm, and incorporated into RISC, and then silences small molecules expressed by target genes through RNA interference (RNAi) (Figure 1). The shRNA expressed in a cell is usually delivered by a plasmid or a viral or a bacterial vector. And now, shRNA is a favorable medium for RNAi because of its relatively low degradation and conversion rate.

Figure 1: Schematic of the shRNA mediated RNA interference pathway (Donald  D.Rao; 2009)Figure 1: Schematic of the shRNA mediated RNA interference pathway (Donald D.Rao; 2009)

Applications of shRNA

shRNA technology can be used for stable integration of long-expression expression constructs. The use of viral vectors helps to infect target cell lines and tissues, and by using an inducible promoter, temporal control of shRNA transcription can be achieved. By the use of co-RNAi, multiple shRNA delivery strategies can improve gene knockdown, allow simultaneous targeting of multiple transcripts, and reduce the appearance of viral escape mutants. What’s more, shRNA has shown great potential for gene therapy applications in human disease (Table 1).

Table 1: shRNA-based therapies

shRNA DrugMechanismDiseaseSponsor
FANGRely on a bifunctional shRNA against the TGFβ1 and β2Advanced cancersGradalis, Inc.
CEQ508shRNA against β-catenin and delivered by a bacterial vectorFamilial Adenomatous PolyposisMarina Biotech
shRNA-STMN1shRNA against stathmin 1 and delivered intratumorally through BIV LP technologyAdvanced and/or metastatic cancersGradalis, Inc.

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