circRNA Immunoprecipitation Assay



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circRNA Immunoprecipitation Assay

IntegrateRNA provides highly efficient strategies for circRNA immunoprecipitation and RIP downstream analyses. With rich experience in molecular biological experiments, our experts will offer you an optimal solution for your project. Our customized one-stop service for circRNA immunoprecipitation assay is featured with short turnaround times, competitive prices, and high reliability.

Protein-RNA interactions play important roles in the cell including structural, catalytic, and regulatory functions. Many circRNAs are also predicted to interact with RNA binding proteins (RBPs) and miRNAs to impact the human disease regulation. The RNA immunoprecipitation (RIP) is one of the powerful methods to study the physical association between individual proteins and RNA molecules in vivo. This approach is based on a specific antibody raised against the protein of interest to pull down the RBPs and target-RNA complexes. Any RNA that is associated with this protein complex will also be isolated and can be further analyzed by qRT-PCR, microarray hybridization or high throughput sequencing.

We provide two RIP assay services including native RIP and cross-linked RIP. The native RIP assay allows to reveal the identity of RNAs directly bound by the protein and their abundance in the immunoprecipitated sample. Whereas cross-linked RIP assay leads to precisely map the direct and indirect binding site of the RBP of interest to the RNA molecule (Figure 1).

Schematic representation of native and cross-linked RIP protocols.Figure1. Schematic representation of native and cross-linked RIP protocols.

Workflow of circRNA RIP Service

  • Cell harvesting
  • Nuclei isolation and lysis pellets
  • Chromatin shearing
  • Immunoprecipitate the RBP together with the bind RNAs
  • Washing off unbound material
  • Purification of RNA that was bound to immunoprecipitated RBP
  • Reverse transcription of RNAs into cDNAs and analysis by qPCR, microarray or sequencing


  • Handle various cell lines (including cancer cells, primary cells, etc.)
  • Raw data and complete analytical data, publishable images
  • A cost-effective one-stop solution
  • A team of experienced scientists
  • Shorter turnaround time and more economical

With many years of experience in RNA research, IntegrateRNA is dedicated to providing comprehensive products and services for academic research, biotechnology research, and drug discovery, including various types of RNA discovery, identification and functional analysis services. We are committed to providing the most reliable and effective research services to meet your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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