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mRNA qPCR Array Service

IntegrateRNA, a biotech company focused on RNA research, provides researchers in life science and pharmaceuticals with a high-throughput quantitative tool for miRNA expression profiling. We offer full and customized mRNA qPCR array service from sample to data. Our services muster the expertise, performance and power of specially optimized cDNA synthesis dedicated for mRNA properties. We will deliver a wealth of data and rich analyses to project your research into the new front of RNA science and applications.

qPCR array is the most reliable tool for analyzing gene expression profiles in certain genomes by quantitative PCR. The detection chemistry used in qPCR array is either SYBR Green I (or comparable DNA binding dyes) or optimized probe-based primer sets (mainly TaqMan probes or LNA probes). qPCR array can screen the entire panel of expressed mRNA, such as pathway- or disease-focused gene families. It plays important role for applied research (sample or biological model characterization, identification of biomarkers, etc.) or for the discovery and selection of active ingredients.

Workflow of mRNA qPCR Array

  • RNA isolation from experimental sample
  • cDNA synthesis
  • mRNA-specific primers design and validation
  • Perform qPCR
  • Data export and data pre-processing
  • Data analysis and report delivery

Benefits and Features

  • Each primer pair is designed using a proprietary algorithm and has been experimentally validated.
  • Path focus - describes the expression of a selected set of genes associated with pathways or disease states.
  • Simple and accurate - simple real-time PCR methods provide high sensitivity and a wider dynamic quantitation range.
  • Fully quantitative and have good reproducibility.


  • Applied research (sample or bio-model characterization, biomarker identification, etc.)
  • Discovery and selection of active ingredients
  • Verify the results obtained by transcriptome analysis
  • Pathway- or disease-focused gene expression profiling

IntegrateRNA, one of the leading biology services companies, is specialized in providing RNA related services, which have been well recognized by our customers. We guarantee our clients the most reliable and efficient research services to best match your research goals with faster turnaround time, lower prices and more comprehensive data analysis. Tell us your requirements and we will provide you with a customized full mRNA PCR array service with the shortest turnaround time and lower price.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.
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