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tRNA Sequencing Service

IntegrateRNA has introduced the most advanced tRNA-seq method that integrates optimized tRNA modification removal and small RNA sequencing to ensure maximum reliability of sequencing data. We offer sample-to-data analysis service accurately profile tRNAs and sensitively detect tRNA mutations, tRNA variants and tRNA isoforms. Based on highly experienced scientists execute quality management, IntegrateRNA also provides rigorous data quality control and a wealth of tRNA bioinformatics analysis to facilitate tRNA discovery and profiling.

Transfer RNA (tRNA) is a small RNA molecule involved in a wide variety of biology processes including cell survival, cell proliferation, cell differentiation, metabolism of amino acids, and cell signaling, stress response program and HIV-1 priming. High-throughput RNA-sequencing has provided insight into the importance of small RNAs in a wide range of biological contexts. However, significant obstacles for the sequencing of tRNA include the presence of numerous post-transcriptional modifications and its stable and extensive secondary structure, which interfere with cDNA synthesis and adaptor ligation. Recently, IntegrateRNA has introduced unique ARM-seq technology (Figure 1) for efficient and quantitative tRNA sequencing.

Schematic diagram of tRNA sequencingFigure1. Schematic diagram of tRNA sequencing

Workflow of tRNA Sequencing

  • Total RNA preparation and QC
  • tRNA and pre-tRNA isolation
  • Demethylation (AlkB treatment)
  • 5' and 3' linker ligation and reverse transcription
  • Library construction
  • Sequencing and bioinformatics analysis

Sample Requirements

  • Cell ≥ 2 x 107
  • Tissue ≥ 100mg
  • Whole blood/plasma/serum ≥3 ml; cerebrospinal fluid ≥ 5 ml; urine ≥ 50ml
  • Total RNA ≥ 5ug (OD260/280 ≥ 1.8; OD260/230≥1.5)


  • Effective removal of tRNA internal and terminal modifications to assure tRNA-seq efficiency and accuracy
  • Performance optimized tRNA sequencing methodologies with rigorous QC process
  • In-depth tRNA annotation and bioinformatics
  • Accurate data and comprehensive tRNA expression profiling

IntegrateRNA's tRNA sequencing service is a valuable for investigators to gain insights and better understand the tRNAs in biology and disease. We provide comprehensive tRNA sequencing services, including total RNA preparation, tRNA isolation, demethylation, library construction, sequencing and in-depth data analysis. We care for your samples from the start through to the result reporting. Highly experienced laboratory professionals follow strict quality procedures to ensure the integrity of your results.


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