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About Us

IntegrateRNA, a branch of Creative Biogene biotechnology company, is a leading global provider of complete solutions for RNA discovery, expression analysis, functional research and mechanism analysis. Our mission is to develop unique technologies that provide satisfactory services to scientists around the world, enabling researchers to better understand human diseases, explore potential treatments for high-impact diseases and promote the development of the RNA research field. Our innovative tools and solutions for transcriptomics applications are breaking down barriers and inspiring you to dream big and achieve your next breakthroughs.

Our next-generation sequencing and microarray platforms enable researchers to explore the world of RNA on an unprecedented scale, and map all RNAs involved in cell life programs, human diseases, and drug discovery.

Our RNA synthesis platform is a tool for the in vitro synthesis of a variety of RNAs, including mRNA, tRNA, small RNAs, circular RNA, and lncRNA. Researchers can obtain high purity and high precision RNA fragments for complex functional research and even drug discovery.

In addition, IntegrateRNA has tailor-made products and services for non-coding RNAs such as circRNA, lncRNA, and miRNA, etc. With continuously optimized RNA pull-down, immunoprecipitation and luciferase reporter assay technologies, we help researchers to identify RNA-protein or RNA-RNA interactions and reveal their mechanisms.

At IntegrateRNA, we use the latest technology or proprietary protocols to certify and develop superior and easy-to-use products and innovative, high-quality services to bring RNA research to new areas. We value engagement, provide solutions quickly, and meet the needs of our customers. Today, our cutting-edge products and services are used and accepted by life science researchers in many countries. Our clients are located in many regions of the world, including academic institutions, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and other leading institutions.

We take pride in having the highest standards of quality, technical expertise, and personalized customer service. We are committed to helping our customers accelerate life science research, solve complex analytical challenges and increase laboratory productivity.

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