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LncRNA Knockdown Service

IntegrateRNA provides customers with a proven, cost-effective, and simple way to perform post-transcriptional silencing of lncRNAs. We utilize locked nucleic acid (LNA) modified siRNAs to silence the lncRNA located in the cytoplasm and LNA-enhanced antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) to silence the lncRNA located in the nucleus and cytoplasm. Our services enable you systematically analyze the function of lncRNA in vivo and in vitro, especially in a wide range of model systems. Besides, we use optimized and upgraded algorithms for site screening and experimental design to ensure efficient silencing and reduce off-target effects.

In recent years, lncRNA (long non-coding RNA), as a regulatory RNA, has attracted more and more attention. Studies have shown that lncRNA can participate in transcription and post-transcriptional regulation, including splicing and translation processes, and play a key role in epigenetic regulation of development, cancer, neurological diseases, and other necessary biological processes. Effective tools to silence lncRNAs will more fully elucidate the role of these molecules in genetic pathways.

Schematic of the two common methods used to knockdown lncRNAsFigure1. Schematic of the two common methods used to knockdown lncRNAs

siRNA-based LncRNA Knockdown

By stably expressing sequence-specific siRNA in target cells, the RNA interference pathway mediates the down-regulation of endogenous lncRNA expression. It’s a powerful tool to study the function of lncRNA for cytoplasmic localization. IntegarteRNA utilizes LNA modified siRNAs to ensure high specificity and low cell toxicity, as well as reduce off-target effects. Beside, we offer siRNA library screening service targeting lncRNA of interest, including custom siRNA library, cell transfection, biological assay and verifying depletion of lncRNA expression in potential hits.

ASOs-based LncRNA Knockdown

ASO is a hybrid of antisense RNA and DNA, and nuclear-localized lncRNA forms a DNA-RNA complex that is decomposed by RNase H (can specifically hydrolyze the RNA in the DNA-RNA hybrid strand). IntegrateRNA provides highly potent, single-stranded ASO to silence the lncRNA in cell cultures and even in animal models. Most importantly, ASOs provide effective knockdown of various lncRNAs, regardless of their intracellular localization.

Workflow of LncRNA Knockdown Service

  • Determine if IncRNA of interest is expressed in the experimental cell line
  • Select lncRNA target and design siRNAs/ASOs
  • Transfect cells with siRNAs/ASOs to target IncRNA of interest
  • Verify decrease of lncRNA level


  • Guaranteed gene silencing
  • Lower off-target effects and lower cell toxicity
  • Affordable genome-scale RNAi screening tool
  • Validated using databases including Gencode v27 for optimal coverage of lncRNA loci, pseudogene loci, and alternatively spliced transcripts
  • Active in vivo and in vitro, enabling the analysis RNA function in a wide range of model systems

IntegrateRNA has innovative research designs, the best facilities, and strong regulatory intelligence, all of which will help our customers achieve the desired results in a time that reduces costs and yields. Based on a team of experts and a professional platform, we are confident to provide our customers with high-quality and efficient services related to lncRNA expression regulation. Contact us for further support in RNA research.


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