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circRNA Overexpression Service

IntegrateRNA has devoted to improve the circRNA overexpression technology and explore related products for many years, to support the functional research of circRNA. We provide one-stop solution for circRNA overexpression, including vector construction, virus packaging (optional), cell transfection and qPCR validation. Our excellent service will facilitate your research project and help you explore the potential clinical applications of circRNA.

circRNA is a class of circular RNA molecules involved in many biological processes. Studies show that circRNA is highly abundant, gene specific, cell type specific, and developmentally regulated in eukaryotes. Although some circRNAs are highly expressed in cells, the majority of circRNAs are low. Therefore, the genetic approach of overexpressing circRNAs of interest will be a powerful tool to investigate their functions in various biological processes and contexts.

Strategies for circRNA Overexpression

  • Complementary sequence-mediated RNA circularization is a classic strategy for circRNA overexpression
  • The insertion of RNA-binding motifs for Quaking into the introns flanking the desired exons facilitates the biogenesis of circRNAs
  • The tRNA-based splicing mechanism is also employed to overexpress circRNAs

Workflow of circRNA Overexpression



  • High efficiency: 50-500 x higher than endogenous expression levels.
  • Accurate circRNA circularization without base insertion and detection.
  • Stable overexpression
  • Wide range of applications

IntegrateRNA offers a comprehensive circRNA overexpression service to facility your circRNA research. We develop various overexpression vector systems for circRNA that apply to eukaryotic expression, lentiviral packaging and adeno-associated viruses (AAV) packaging. Simply inserting your circRNA sequences into the MCS between flanking introns, the construct could be used as a generic construct for expressing various circRNAs of practically any sequence. Our experienced team of experts performs quality management and follows each process to ensure confident and fair results. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us.


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