Single-cell RNA Sequencing Service



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Single-cell RNA Sequencing Service

Most RNA sequencing is performed on tissue samples or cell populations. Biological differences between cells can be mistaken for technical or masked by averages. Single-cell RNA sequencing is designed to reveal the diversity of transcriptomes in heterogeneous samples, allowing us to distinguish the expression of cells within the same tissue.

IntegrateRNA's single-cell RNA sequencing service utilizes the latest microfluidic technology, molecular barcodes, and Illumina sequencing platforms, making the transcription profile of thousands of individual cells cost-effective and easy to interpret. Our optimized workflow includes cryopreservation before submission and removal of dead cells after submission-maximizes project flexibility, speed, and data accuracy.

Single-cell RNA-Seq enables new types of analysis

  • Understand tumor heterogeneity and clonal evolution – Including the study of lineage analysis, cancer stem cells, and resistant and metastatic clones
  • Understand complex tissues (such as neural tissue)
  • Identify cell types and markers with high resolution, and understand differentiation pathways in development and systems biology
  • Find rare cell types in never seen cell populations

Project workflow

Single-cell RNA Sequencing Service

  • Step 1. Cell partition
    ➢ Remove dead cells and isolate single cells with the latest microfluidic technology
  • Step 2. Library construction
    ➢ Reverse transcription incorporates cell- and transcript-specific barcodes
  • Step 3. Sequencing
    ➢ Barcoded libraries are pooled and sequenced on the illumine platform
  • Step 4. Bioinformatics analysis
    ➢ Visualize results through interactive software and receive custom analysis

Bioinformatics analysis we offered

ClusteringDifferential expression
ClassificationRegulatory network
Cell trajectory assignmentPathway analysis

Our benefits

  • One-stop service - Our single-cell RNA-Seq service include amplification, library construction, sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis.
  • Cell capture efficiency up to 70%.
  • Advanced amplification methods - We use optimized and upgraded kits for single-cell RNA amplification, which can reduce the cost of amplification and increase the rate of amplification.
  • The most efficient sequencing platform.
  • The cost-effective single-cell solution.
  • Removal of dead cells improves data quality, especially for projects with poor samples.
  • Provide proprietary cell freezing protocol and convenient sample transport methods maintain cell viability during transport.
  • Provide Interactive analysis reports - An intuitive way to explore data and find biological insights.

Applications of single-cell RNA-Seq

From basic research to clinical applications, it can be used in many biological fields, including nervous system research, immunological research, stem cell differentiation, embryogenesis, whole tissue analysis, and oncology.

IntegrateRNA provides a fast, high-throughput method to estimate the transcriptomes of thousands of single cells-providing unprecedented insight into tissues at the single-cell level. We can provide consistent, high-quality data and can flexibly adjust the agreement according to customer requirements. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.
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