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RNA Synthesis

In vitro synthesis of single-stranded RNA molecules is a routine laboratory procedure that is critical to the rapidly evolving field of RNA research. This technology is versatile because it allows researchers to synthesis and introduce modifications to produce transcripts that are best suited for downstream applications.

Based on own independent RNA in vitro synthesis platform, IntegrateRNA can provide you with a variety of RNA synthesis services, including mRNA, tRNA, small RNAs and lncRNA, etc. Our custom synthesis services include in vitro synthesis, RNA modification (if needed), RNA purification, and we guarantee our clients the professional services and high quality products.

We offer two synthetic methods based on the length of the RNA fragment you need

  • Chemical synthesis

    Targeted with small pieces of RNAs. This is a fast and economical method

  • Enzymatic synthesis based on T7

    We have a powerful T7 polymerase transcription system that can synthesize RNA in large quantities in vitro.

RNA Synthesis

Workflow details

  • Template generation

    The plasmid DNA template is typically linearized with restriction enzymes. PCR products and synthetic oligonucleotides can also be used as templates for transcription reactions.

  • In vitro synthesis

    In the presence of ribonucleoside triphosphates (rNTPs, rare bases will be used for tRNA synthesis), the template DNA is transcribed by T7 polymerase.

    ➢ Unmodified RNA

    We are able to synthesis hairpins, short RNAs, dsRNAs for RNA interference.

    ➢ Modified RNA

    Capped mRNA is synthesized by T7 RNA polymerase by co-transcriptional binding of the reverse transcription cap analog ARCA. Then add poly A tail by E. coli Poly A polymerase.

  • RNA purification

    After successful transcription in vitro, the template is degraded with DNase I. mRNA will be purified by Oligo dT beads.

Probe labeling is available

  • Fluorescent label: FAM, cyanine (Cy) dye, etc.

    ➢ Used to Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)

  • Non-fluorescent label: biotin, digitoxin, etc.

    ➢ In situ hybridization

    ➢ Blot hybridization and secondary detection

    ➢ Gene chip

  • High specific activity radiolabel

    ➢ Imprinting hybridization

    ➢ RNase protection


  • Study the functions of genes
  • RNA interference
  • The study of RNA drugs
  • In vitro translation
  • Modulation of cell fate or phenotype

IntegrateRNA, with many years of experience in RNA research, has been committed to improving RNA in vitro synthesis technology and related product development. With skilled and experienced genomics experts, we are able to provide you with professional and efficient RNA synthesis solutions to help you solve the problems you encounter during your researches. There is no doubt that IntegrateRNA will be your best partner during your RNA research.

If you want to know more about circular RNA synthesis in vitro, please turn to our circular RNA synthesis service.

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