RNA Microarray Analysis



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RNA Microarray Analysis

Microarray analysis is a useful, reproducible and cost-effective tool for evaluating transcription levels in various experimental paradigms. The most common form of microarrays is used to measure gene expression, isolation of RNA from the matched samples of interest. RNA is usually converted to cDNA and fluorescent label (or radioactivity) is then hybridized to the microarray to measure the expression levels of thousands of genes. Microarray technology has become a major tool for global gene expression and biomedical research in all aspects of human disease.

IntegrateRNA provides a complete platform from sample processing to obtaining results, including gene expression and exon microarray chips, buffers, kits and reagents, scanners and devices, software, etc. to meet your demand of expression profile analysis. Our professional laboratory technicians have years of combined experience to help you process genome-wide expression profiling of nearly 40 different species, including humans, model organisms, plants, and animals. Our rigorous quality control process will ensure that you receive high quality presentation data. In addition, we offer all the reagents needed to successfully process microarray chips for reliable and reproducible results.

Strategy is described as bellow

RNA Microarray Analysis

Workflow of our RNA microarray analysis

  • Experimental design
  • RNA preparation
  • Labeling (fluorescently labeled or radioactivity)
  • Hybridization
  • Image analysis
  • Microarray data analysis

Advantages of RNA microarray analysis

  • Flexible — Custom arrays can be made to represent genes of interest and fully customizable content in multiple formats for the most flexible experimental design
  • The monochrome or two-color scheme is available for processing according to your experiment needs
  • Reliable data quality
  • Comprehensive
  • Fast

When to choose RNA microarray analysis?

  • Clinically-based diagnostic tests
  • Have a lot of samples and the cost is crucial
  • Directly compare the expression profile to another microarray dataset of the same array platform


  • Clarify the temporal effects of drugs, environmental toxins or oncogenes on gene expression
  • Used to develop new cancer molecular taxonomy, including clustering cancer according to the prognostic group based on gene expression profiling

Our benefits

  • Experimental report (including strategy design, reagents, instruments, methods, data analysis, experimental results)
  • Advanced technology platform
  • Easy — You only need to submit RNA samples
  • We can produce custom RNA microarray analysis at competitive prices and shorted turnaround time

IntegrateRNA provides a complete solution for transcriptome expression analysis using the state-of-the-art autonomous RNA microarray analysis platform. Our experienced bioinformatics partners work closely with clients to provide standard and customized data analysis, and publish results with or without reference genomic species. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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