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tRNA Services

As a global biotechnology company specializing in RNA research, IntegrateRNA offers comprehensive tRNA services and products to accelerate your functional research of tRNA. Our service including tRNA sequencing, tRNA modification detection, tiRNA & tRF sequencing, and tiRNA & tRF qPCR array. Our team of tRNA experts provides complete, innovative solutions to help you solve the problems you encounter during your research.

Transfer RNA (tRNA) is typically 70-100 nucleotides in length, the most extensively modified RNA with an average of 13 modifications per molecule, and an important component of mRNA decoding and protein translation. The tRNA molecule has a unique folded structure with three hairpin loops forming the shape of a three-leaf clover. One of these hairpin loops contains a sequence called an anti-codon that recognizes and decodes mRNA codons. The corresponding amino acid is attached to the end of each tRNA. When a tRNA recognizes and binds its corresponding codon in a ribosome, the tRNA transfers the appropriate amino acid to the end of the growing amino acid chain. The tRNA and ribosomes then continue to decode the mRNA molecule until the entire sequence is translated into a protein.

tRNA ServicesFigure1. Structure of tRNA

Except for protein translation, tRNA is still involved in a wide variety of biological processes. Due to many new discoveries, we know that tRNA fragments are involved in many human diseases and even epigenetics of germline cells. Post-transcriptional modifications of tRNA play a major role in their functionality and provide both flexibilities as well as rigidity and fine-tune tRNA structure, which is critical for the stability, folding and decoding of tRNA. Modified nucleosides are decisive factors in the accurate recognition of amino acids by aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase. And tRNA modifications affect a large number of biological phenomena including gene expression, alternative folding of tRNA, translation speed and accuracy, enhanced codon binding/discrimination. Growing evidence indicates that tRNA modifications may play important roles in complex human pathologies. And tRNA modifications defects are also associated with many common diseases, such as cancers, neurological disorders (including ALS, PD), and mitochondrial-linked disorders (MELAS and MERRF), etc. Recently tRNA has once again become an important research topic.

IntegrateRNA, a global biotechnology company specializing in RNA research, provides products and services to a wide range of genomics researchers in the market, including various types of RNA discovery, analysis, and related bioinformatics services. Whether you are an expert in tRNA research or just want to integrate tRNA research into your research, we provide you with the highest quality products, excellent service, and support. Our team of tRNA experts provides complete, innovative solutions to help you solve the problems you encounter during your research.


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