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mRNA Services

IntegrateRNA is a global biotechnology company devoting to offer high-quality service for customers. We offer custom mRNA synthesis/modification, mRNA sequencing, whole transcriptome sequencing, and mRNA qPCR array service for researchers in the life sciences, clinical and drug development sectors. Our comprehensive and tailored solution will accelerate your mRNA drugs/vaccines discovery and clinical application.

mRNA (messenger RNA) is a large class of single-stranded RNA molecules, and a blueprint for protein synthesis, transferring the genetic information from the DNA to the ribosome, where they specify the amino acid sequence of the protein product. During the movement of the ribosome along the mRNA, the base sequence on the mRNA is read and each three-base codon is translated into its corresponding amino acid using the genetic code. Eukaryotic mRNA has a 7-methylguanosine linkage (called a cap) at the 5' end of the messenger, and the variable length of the 3' sequence consists only of adenine, called the polyA tail. The cap structure and polyA tails greatly enhance their stability, which is an important control point in modulating gene expression.

mRNA Services

Differential expression analysis of cellular mRNAs through RNA-seq, microarray and qPCR array allows scientists to screen out genes that play a key role in different life processes. The analysis of mRNA is also widely used in the study of disease pathogenesis and treatment. Based on the theory that mRNA produces proteins via translation which in turn can directly treat diseases or act as vaccines, the mRNA designed and synthesized for certain diseases can cause cells to produce proteins, and mRNA has opened up a wide range of opportunities for treating and preventing diseases.

IntegrateRNA provides custom mRNA synthesis and modification service by in vitro transcription and chemical synthesis. Such customized synthesis service is aimed for meeting the demands of increasing popularity and advantage of delivering mRNA over DNA into mammalian cells for in vitro protein expression, genome editing, mRNA vaccine development, oocyte micro-injections, and other applications.

IntegrateRNA is committed to providing the highest quality products, excellent service, and support, serving users in the life sciences, clinical and drug development sectors. To support your research, we provide a complete, innovative solution to help you solve the problems encountered during research.


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